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Paradise is something different for each person.  Some people like living in the mountains with a fresh mountain stream running past their home.  For others, paradise might be living on an island like St. Thomas.  But for most of us, paradise is our own homes filled with love and family

No one can tell you what your paradise is .. it's up to you to define it.  How is  paradise created?  It is carefully crafted by its maker: Tropic Air, Incorporated, your Heating and Cooling specialists.

This is your personal ticket to 'internal' paradise in either your home or business.  It is a personal promise from me, Mark Wharton, owner of Tropic Air.  I founded this business in 1983 with this pledge: I will honestly evaluate your heating and/or cooling needs.  You will not be sold something that you do not need or do not want. We guarantee it. Add a bit of paradise to your life style today.


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